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Warranty Policy

  • Tiger Automotive distributed products are fully guaranteed against defects in workmanship and materials as specified by the manufacturer; typically for a period of one year. However, some exceptions apply with longer warranty periods available on certain products.

  • Shorter periods may also apply on some products, such as (but not limited to), Electronics/Wiring, and certain bulbs & lighting.

  • Any defective product will be replaced free of charge, but may be limited to only the defective part on items with multiple parts.

  • Tiger Automotive is not responsible for any paint, labor costs, or freight to and from our location.

  • Authorization (RGA) must be granted by Tiger Automotive prior to returning any products for warranty.  Email with your invoice # and photo of the product.

  • Adequate description of problem or defect must be stated on the RGA.  The terms "defective and junk" are insufficient reasons, and will not be accepted as valid.

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